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A totally new way for metal processing allowing release of metals from metallic oxides largely without carbon

Masercata Oy presents a new technology for metal processing. Technology combines Magnetic – laser (Maser) technology into plasma arc with the ability to fully recover and process metals (cata), this is totally new way for metal processing allowing release of metals from metallic oxides largely without carbon. Carbon is needed only in small quantities to accelerate the reaction.

This results in huge reduction of carbon emissions and as magnetic properties of the plasma arc keep metals and gases in or close to the plasma arc – all emissions are controlled and processed effectively resulting to less overall emission volume. Special multipurpose functioning plasma arc allows energy savings.

With Masercata technology metals are recovered from oxides with high recovery rate of 95-99.5% and maintained in molten state as metals for further processing.

Metals from the plasma arc technology processing are practically without defects and impurities, with fine forged like microstructure. Because of defect free dense metal out put it is in many cases possible to avoid additional heat treatments and use as cast material directly.

Masercata Oy has produced new materials that can be only be made with Mazanasu series of furnaces. Materials offer better strength and hardness, longer service life in abrasion and heat resistant applications. In corrosion resistant applications stainless steel can be replaced with less costly material.

New SCI© Super Cast Iron, series of materials offer better qualities, superior performance and savings in manufacturing process. The best properties of Iron and Steel in the same material – Super Cast Iron.

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Mazanasu furnace series is currently available in 0.5 to 30 ton capacities, with 50 and 100 ton units under design. Furnaces are tailor made for the application required. Different metals like iron, nickel, copper as well as ores and metal containing waste materials can be processed to required metal products. For example iron based industry can consider to use new type of raw materials; bauxite residue, ilmenite, iron ore, blast furnace sludge and dust, slag, mill scale – all these can be used to make: iron, steel or super cast iron SCI© It is notable that for example.

It is also possible to make different structure material: Bainite can be made without environmental harmful chemical treatments in simple processing – notable is that structure in 100% bainite, without the impurities when made classical methods. 100% Matrix and Perlite structures are also possible. Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulphur content can be reduced to 0.001% level directly in Mazanasu furnace.

Technology offered is totally new, this is world’s first direct reduction furnace. Iron recovery from raw materials is not based on carbon usage to bind with oxygen, but the metals are released from oxides directly. (small amounts of carbon is used to accelerate the process, accelerating the process and we like to call it intensifier). This competes with steel production with hydrogen technology (the only other technology not using carbon as principal process to remove oxygen from iron oxides as main process.) Hydrogen technology route requires 10 x more energy, and the green steel – is very much depending on how the electricity is produced. It must be also noted that hydrogen plant must be build, as well as the extra power supply capacity. Mazanasu technology is using electricity, less than normal furnaces and minimal amount of carbon 5-10% of that normally used in EAF or in classical furnaces. (in case of mill scale – if it contains oil – oil can replace part of the carbon required).

To demonstrate the effect for the emissions, when processing 1 ton of steel and iron scrap in classical EAF, typically 62 kg CO2 is put out in furnace process, Mazanasu SPAF releases 1.38 kg. Classical EAF “loses” 15 kg iron in form of Fe2O3 with smoke, Masanasu SPAF “loses” 16 grams only. Mazanasu technology is the most cost effective way to make “green steel”.

Also attached an article of slag working as carbon trap – interesting possibility to use slag in two stages first as carbon trap – then process it further usage (where carbon is not released).

This technology opens also an option to use alternative raw material sources, like red mud and ilmenite – this can be a good option if proposed restrictions or tariffs for US and EU scrap exports come to affect.

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We have been in product development since 2018, and aiming to do what others can't. Efficient energy transfer with lower power consumption.

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MAZANASU SPAF Furnaces. Customized for the process and material. Capacity adjusted to the requirement.

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MAZANASU SPAF Furnaces. Customized for the process and material. Capacity adjusted to the requirement.

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